Tango for Android Tablet

One more time we will tell you that today Tango - is an application for video and voice communication that allows you to connect with others via their mobile phone.

Like WhatsApp Messenger and Skype, Tango is mainly used to make calls from PC to Android phones and iPhone. If your friends from  your contact list installed this application and they have access to Wi-Fi or the unlimited data plan, you can call to their phone without leaving your computer.

tango android tablet 2 

The interface for the PC version of Tango identical to the mobile version, and hide the default is like on the iPhone. If you do not like it, you can change it in the settings. Tango for Android tablet is very easy to use. Add your phone number and the number of your friends who you want to call. Then you can start a chat with a click.

tango android tablet 3 

The quality of video and audio in Tango for Android tablet is quite good, although it may vary depending on the type of device and connection speed. Tango is very easy to manage. The users can find a way to sort contacts, set up a webcam, change the appearance of the program and to find updates. Unfortunately, other than that nothing really can not change.

Tango for Android tablet, with its ability to talk to friends through their mobile tablet, sitting in front of a computer, is a good complement to the world programs for communication. We will tell you about benefits of using Tango: you can make video calls to mobile phones, it has good quality of audio and video, Tango is simple and effective. Also it has some disadvantages: Tango has very simple settings and the video quality may be different.  

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