Tango for BlackBerry

It will be not surprising if we tell you that on this page you can download Tango for BlackBerry Mobile application Tango has collected $ 280 million of investment, the majority of which ($ 215 million) was received from the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba. The remaining 65 million invested current investors messenger. 

Tango is very similar to other free messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber, which had recently been purchased in large transactions. Viber was bought by the Japanese company Rakuten for $ 900 million, and Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a record $ 19 billion.

In Tango, which launched its mobile applications in 2010, is now more than 200 million registered users and 70 million active monthly. Most users of Tango live in North America. According to Eric Setton, Tango - it is Facetime for Android (although there are applications for iOS, PC, and even Blackberry os). 

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The strength of the Tango for BlacBerry - in flexibility. In just 3 years of service, its chats turned into a full-fledged messenger running text communication, and the ability to VoIP-calls.

In addition, in application there are available games and the social component - users can not just be friends, but also to view mutual friends, news feed, and even comment on other people's records, and at the same time they can share 30-second snippets of songs. The main method of monetization of messenger  is built in Tango purchase, which allows to add other features to chat and in-game currency.

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Tango for BlackBerry