Tango for BlackBerry Tablet

We suggest  you only popular  applications which are pumped by millions, Tango is just like this program. Tango  program is completely free - you will not  have to pay a cent, as well as for calls that you make via it. However, there are some nuances that you need to know before installing. On this page you can download Tango for BlackBerry tablet.

Tango - a free application  for calls in video and audio format. Using the  option presented, it is easy to provide a pleasant chat with  friends, both in the private dialogue and in a conference. Also, users are given the opportunity to use  instant messaging to exchange short message across.

First, your  tablet must have a network connection, and the speed of access must be perfect. Older protocols such as GPRS are not fit - the rate  will be too low  to speak freely, not to mention the transfer of  streaming video. Second, the program will connect only  to those users who have  installed this  program and sign up. Generally Tango reminiscent of another well-known program  called Skype.

tango blackberry tablet 1

However, Skype is a little bit  bigger than Tango, and is not very  convenient. Tango  is extremely  easy to use because its interface is almost devoid of controls,  and it is not necessary  to finish graduate  school to understand the settings menu. Perhaps, it is all the nuances, which you will have to accept; We can please you: Tango has more absolute pluses than the restrictions.  

Let's start with the fact that its size is only 20MB, and installation is fully automatic. To download a free Tango  to BlackBerry tablet, you will not have to perform any complex actions: just  click on the link, which is located next to  the description. You will pay only for using Internet traffic.  Function of managing contacts is also realized in a very convenient way, as there is the choice for  the user whether to export the contacts or to add the interlocutors in the manual  mode.