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High-quality,  fast and free communication  within 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi - the main aspect on which the developers of Tango have focused.  

After all, it makes communication  with family, friends and business partners,  comfortable and affordable. It seems that making development strategy of the messenger, the company made the right decision. However, this and the other in order. And while you are downloading Tango for Kindle amazon, we will tell you some information about this extremely popular messenger. 

Tango  messenger was developed in 2009 by Tango ME. The Company was founded by Uri Raz and Eric Setton. Uri - CEO, Setton-  the head of technology department. Company is headquartered in  Mountain View, California. The company has more than  160 employees. There are offices  in Beijing, Austin, Texas and Mountain View. Number of active users in March 2014 amounted  to more than 200 million people. Tango is positioned in the market as a free application for  communication. 

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Tango is cross-platform  messenger. It works on iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry. There is no  less popular than the mobile version of Tango -  PC version. The app allows you to exchange  instantly text messages, video, audio and  photo. Messenger Tango supports video  and audio calls, and thanks to them Tango gained popularity. All the contacts of the application are synchronized with cloud-server. As well as  correspondence. This means that even if you lose the gadget all the contacts and correspondence will be preserved. 

Calls are  available only within the  application and use of Internet traffic. In Tango there is available function of  changing the wallpaper and create your  own - on your PC, and smartphones. Registration is  done by telephone  or e-mail address book. The application scans the phone  book, and indicates which of your contacts list is also already installed Tango messenger. Tango has a quick access  to the camera.

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Tango for Kindle Amazon