Tango for Linux

Tango for Linux  is  a social  application for communication  through text messaging, as well as audio and video  calls. This product has been marked by several awards  as the best free messenger for  making calls and chat on different devices. The program uses a web traffic and saves  mobile means. Tango version for Linux will allow to see the events in the life of friends.

To get started to use  Tango for Linux you need  to create an  account in the application. For this you need to enter your phone number,  the name  or nickname and email box. After this your contact  list will be automatically  copied from the phonebook. Those friends  who have not yet installed this software, can be invited  by you to register via SMS to phone, or via e-mail messages. To start chatting, simply select  somebody from the list.

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Tango is a  software implementation  of video calls and establishing voice  communications between  subscribers. It allows to  communicate via  mobile phone, bypassing the mobile operator  services. To install the application, you must  have a portable gadget or computer. In such a way, having this  software you  will be  available to make  free calls to friends. Tango interface is the same for all versions of the program.

At the same  time, you can change the exterior design theme through the relevant settings. The presented tools are convenient, allow you to run processes with maximum efficiency and simplicity. So you can just in a few clicks to edit the contacts, add new ones.

The application  has a simple interface with a minimal menu. In the settings you can select the way to sort  contacts, set up the camera, and change  the screen saver program. By default, it is a  wallpaper of the device. The  developers fixed  bugs with each update. After another improvement  there was added the ability to work  correctly. Unlike other messengers in Tango  communication do not interfere with annoying  advertising windows.

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Tango for Linux