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So, as you already understood, we suggest you to download Tango for PC right here! Tango Messenger is an application for instant messaging and it has more features than the simple application for instant messaging: voice messages, video, video games, social  entertainment.

tango pc 1 

Naturally, the  main  function of Tango Messenger is text messaging. You can send free text messages to  all your friends and get them to answer in personal chat windows on your PC. Of course,  you can also create  group calls and simultaneously send messages to several people at once.  

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An interesting  (though not mandatory) option of Tango - the replacement of the active camera. As a rule, while  talking you use feeble camera which is located next to the  screen. The program has the ability to change the camera, which can help in the situation when you want to show to your opponent what is around you. As you know, the back camera is much more powerful and the quality of  image, which the person on the screen will see, is  significantly higher.    

And finally, in Tango Messenger for PC there exists some sort of wall in Facebook, you can update your statuses, photos and more. You can even make new friends by searching for other users located close to your current location.

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Tango Messenger for PC is a great option when it comes to applications for instant messaging, especially because this program offers more features than its main competitors, such as the all-powerful  WhatsApp Messenger for PC. Tango  developers  have made great effort  in order to your communication with your loved ones, friends, and  even business partners was  flawless. That is why 200 million users worldwide have chosen for communication this very messenger.

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(Download Tango Messenger for Android and use Android Emulator for Windows)