Tango for Windows

It is not  surprize that PC version  of popular messengers  become more and more popular. It is really more comfortable to use computer version of Tango for Windows. You will have more opportunities  with good resolution and while you are  downloading Tango for Windows from this page, we will tell  you some facts  about this messenger.  

Immediately  after the registration of a  user profile, you will have access to all the tools of the intellectual product. In addition to  the communicative aspects  include entertainment items, including a collection of pre-installed games. If you are not  satisfied with the appearance of the messenger, then it is very easy to change through the  use of themed skins.

Tango - is an application  for video and voice communication that allows you to connect with others via their mobile phone. Like WhatsApp Messenger for Windows 10 and Skype, Tango is mainly  used to make calls  from PC to Android phones and iPhone.

If your friends on your phone installed this application and  they have access to Wi-Fi or the unlimited  data plan, you can call to their phone  without leaving your  computer. It gives you no ability to edit photos, no filters, but the ability to adjust  the video settings.

tango windows 4

Tango has a system of likes. Messenger  supports tablet and PC devices and  is adapted to their interface. Tango supports games even during calls. There is an opportunity to communicate in  group chats with a maximum of 300 people.

Tango allows you to share music, chatting from  Spotify. There is an option of geolocation. So you can send to your contacts direct map of your location. Tango partly functions as a social network. There is news stream, which shows photos, statuses, music, game scores, and  it is possible to subscribe to interesting accounts.

Download Tango App for Windows


(Download Tango Messenger for Android and use Android Emulator for Windows)