Tango for Windows phone

On this page you can download messenger Tango for Windows phone. Tango app is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tango for BlackBerry, Amazon Kindle and the PC. It allows you to send instant messages, make voice and video calls, send photos and video clips together and play mobile games.

Tango supports group chats (up to 50 members), you can configure the account to indicate status, comment on pictures, find buddies together and get acquainted with other users.  

The communication can be performed through Wi-Fi, or via 3G / 4G. Like other messengers, registration in Tango is performed with the number of mobile phone. The user sees in the application who of its current contacts has already established Tango.

tango windows phone 

The use of all the features of Tango is free. The company said that the key functions - voice and video - will be free forever. Company plans that it will make money on to value-added services, which are expected to be launched in the future. The number  of users of Tango is more than  200 million, with about a quarter of them are  in North America. The  company employs about Tango 160 employees, who are in the office in Mountain View, Austin and Beijing. Founder and CEO of Tango is Uri Raz, who was born in Israel. The second founder - Eric Setton.

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In addition to the posts and photos which can be sent via the Tango, also you can send music, videos and  other content. The service is trying to  expand to the size of social network, where people can play together in the games or  share photos on the similarity with Facebook. The headquarters of the service is located in Mountain View, California, which employs 160 people. Since its inception, the project has attracted $ 360 million of investment.

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Tango for Windows phone