Tango for Windows Phone Tablet

We think that  you know that tablets become more  and more popular nowadays. So they need messengers,  adopted for tablets. Tango - is one  of them. On this page you can download Tango for  Windows phone tablet. And meanwhile  we will shortly tell you some facts about  Tango.

tango windows phone tablet 1

So, Tango may allow you:

  • Free  voice calls to other Tango users.
  • Calls from the tablet: Tango  allows you to make calls with Google tablets and the iPad.
  • Voice  calls via Wi-Fi for free.
  • Free  local and international calls.
  • Friends and family  will be satisfied with the  high quality of voice communication.
  • Communication in  Tango is as comfortable as phone calls. You can call  directly from the application Tango - developers guarantee  high voice quality. It's free: you do not spend a penny.    

Also Tango has group  chats:

  • You can publish your  photos and slide shows in the newswire.
  • You can publish  status updates and music in the RSS.
  • Compete with  friends in the games, and publish their results in the newswire.
  • Follow  the news of networks such as  the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Funny or Die, on channels Tango.
  • Play games  during a  call and find out about  new games  which can be enjoyed with friends.  

Also Tango has some awards, which say about its quality  and popularity:

  • Award "Best Application" from the Google Play store in 2014.
  • Awarded  "Best App for communication" from Appy Awards in 2013.
  • Award  "Reader's Choice" resource About.com in 2013 in the  nomination "The best app for text messaging".
  • Mention in the list of "mandatory" of applications from company Verizon Wireless in 2013.  

  You no longer need to worry about the  balance on the account of a mobile phone. Tango gives you  complete freedom of communication! You can call and send messages via Wi-Fi for free. Make video calls from any device. Download for Windows Phone Tablet Now!


Tango for Windows Phone Tablet